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Omassim Guesthouse

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About the Retreat

Omassim guesthouse is the birthchild of an amazing couple called Lia & Eduardo located in Ericeira Portugal; a world surfing reserve just north of Lisbon.


Besides offering beautiful and affordable accommodation, the guesthouse includes a full Yoga & Meditation programme, fully equipped fitness studio, Gourmet Vegetarian and vegan food and Ayurvedic Medicine (Massages). They have also teamed up with a local Surf school to offer a range of packages to suit all needs and requirements.

We are delighted to announce we will be joining the team of 2020, managing the Fitness studio and offering a brand new Fitness and Yoga package, designed for fitness enthusiasts seeking a mindfully designed escape, or those wanting a more active break.


Our Wellness Packages 


Fitness & Yoga Experience

We bring you an active break, that offers you a great start to developing healthy habits and continue to improve your fitness long-term

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Yoga by the Pool

Yoga & Relaxation Experience

Rest, Reset, Relax & Rejuvenate Body, Mind & Soul with Yoga, massages, veggie meals 

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Surfboard Fins

Yoga & Surf Experience

This package provides you with an active holiday that nourishes the mind, body and soul and provides you with the foundations to further your yoga and Surfing skills

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Intensive Surf

Intesive Surf & Yoga Experience

The principle objective of this week is to take your wave-riding to a new level through intensive Surf lessons in combination with a mix of daily  Yoga classes

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